Hi, I'm Damir. I design & develop websites brands landing pages web apps

Like, most of the time.

About Me

I like what I do.

Trying to separate design from functionality, for me, has always been as hard as understanding how people
 fail to recognise the importance of creating a unique brand identity. In a time of transitioning from a hierarchical, standardised approach to web design into a made-for-humans, intuitive user experience, it is my aim to help individuals 
and small businesses change their visual communication style.

I hope to build brands and websites that are based on the true values of
 the people behind them, while also enjoying what I do every step of the way.

My Services

Yes, I stick my nose in the whole process.


Your idea is great! Or maybe not. But I love it! Or maybe not. Once I help you translate it into the digital world, we can love it together.


I sketch and wireframe your new website, create your logo or make print designs. I really enjoy it too, so hey - you're doing me a favour.


I develop using HTML, CSS and a tad of JS. Framework of choice: Bootstrap. I hold no grudges against CMSs (like WordPress) or other frameworks.

How does it work?

1. Discuss ideas

We begin by discussing the aim and background of the project. We identify key and secondary goals and make a preliminary decision on the overall style, tone and feel of the solution.

2. Agree on design

After some wireframing and mockupping, we agree on the final design of your new website/webapp. You are presented with an unfurnished end design.

3. Develop & implement

Now I get down to the nitty-gritty. I write the code, input your content and integrate different systems together to turn the initial design into a functional reality.

4. Test extensively

After the website/app is developed, I run extensive cross-device and cross-browser tests. Any deficiencies are identified and removed at this stage. Only when the product is bug-free, we move to the next stage.

5. Deploy

Once we are both happy with the result, the website gets deployed through the appropriate platform. The deployment is tested for functionality and efficiency once again and any necessary tweaks are made.

6. Enjoy the results

Your project is now live and available for everyone to see! You can now use it to grow your business or spread the word about your cause.

My Work

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DigiByte Core Wallet UI

Introduced a complete UI re-design of the existing DigiByte core wallet, featuring day/night versions and a modern, hybrid look.

See project


BeeMarketing is a Dutch SEO & Digital Marketing company. The company gave me significant design freedom on their website.

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NetCare Re-Design Prototype (entry)

This was my entry for the NetCare redesign contest. NetCare is a strong company dealing with tech support, optimisation and custom solutions.

See project

Pactr App

Pactr is a University project. App made for unofficial agreements using biometric signatures. Focused on ease of use & color in this one. Only made for iOS.


The DigiByte open auth protocol got a (at least I think so) cool website to serve as a starting point for everybody who wants to use/implement it. This project was fun.

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DigiByte Wallet UI

My UI redesign concept for the DigiByte cryptocurrency mobile wallet was selected through a community vote. DigiByte is awesome and I hope this design will help users utilise its amazing capabilities in a more stylish way!

See the UI


I found that the amazing DigiByte Blockchain lacked marketing materials and had a very eager community - so I made a little website with a bunch of material in it :)

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Solatronic is a clean energy & tech company. They are running several solar plants and are always working on expanding their capacities.

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Flash Production

Flash Production is an audio and video production. They have a history of working with interesting large clients and are always busy with new projects.

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Opticom is a family-run optician store with a focus on personalised customer care. I know because I'm a customer there too :)

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UareIT™ is a tech-ed startup based in New York. They will be launching their products and services in 2018.

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Praetorstore Ltd.

Praetor™ is a cool eCommerce store based in the UK.

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